Wave Highway Edit

Official Quote "The highway to hell really does exist when a gang of criminals are expected to be in major delays."

Conquest Edit

The LE Deployment is in a small depot within a forest.

The CR Deployment is on a hillside bordering the highway.

Flag Locations

A. Power Station

B. Farmhouses

C. Highway

D. Plane

E. Motel

Heist Edit

The LE Spawn in their conquest spawn.

The CR first spawn by the farmhouses then move too their conquest spawn.


The vault is a storage room in one of the farmhouses.


Escape A is located in the Ruins by B.

Escape B is by the Antenna.

Escape C is on the Highway.

Escape D is by the Plane.

Escape E is behind the Motel.

Blood Money Edit

The LE Spawn is moved to the right slightly

The CR Spawn is moved to the left slightly

Money Pile

The money pile is by the Motel.


The LE Vault is by the Farmhouses.

The CR Vault is on the Highway.

Hotwire Edit

The LE Deployment is in the conquest spawn.

The CR Deployment is in the blood money spawn.

Vehicle Locations

A - Hillside - Fuel Tanker

B - Highway - Utility Van

C - Plane - Muscle Car

D - Farmhouses - Muscle Car

E - Power Station - Utility Van

Crosshairs Edit

The LE and VIP Deploy by the Power station.

The CR Deploy by the Motel.


Escape A is a Car in the motel parking lot.

Escape B is a delivery van on the highway.

Rescue Edit

The LE Deploy by the Plane.

The CR Deploy by the motel


Hostage 1 is in the toiletries of the motel.

Hostage 2 is in a delivery van on the highway.

Extraction Zone

The extraction zone is by the plane.

Capture The Bag Edit

The deployments are in the conquest spawns.

The LE Bag is in the Power Station.

The LE Extraction is by the Antenna.

The CR Bag is by the motel.

The CR Extraction is on the highway.

Levolution Edit

The Levolution is at the motel and is activated by destroying the walls of the supporting halves of the motel which will cause the overhanging room to collapse and create a ramp.

Trivia Edit

Wave Highway was the first map created on the developer but came late on the wiki.