The Block 2.0 Edit

Official Quote "After the storm has passed another begins." Is the confirmed official quote. Edit

Conquest Edit

LE Deployment Edit

The Cops deploy in front of the Mini-Mall like the original.

CR Deployment Edit

The Criminals deploy in the back houses like the original.

Flag Locations Edit

A. Mini-Mall

B. Apartments

C. Foreclosured House

D. Radio Antenna

E. Self Storage

Heist Edit

LE Deployment Edit

The cops deployment is in the criminals conquest deployment.

CR Deployment Edit

The criminals deployment is in the cops conquest deployment.

Vault Edit

The vault is located in the Mini Mall and has 2 access points the loading bay or the storage room.

Escapes Edit

Escape A is located in the two back houses yard

Escape B is located on the Street too the left near the Yard

Escape C is located by the Foreclosured House

Escape D is near the Radio Antenna

Escape E is by the Self Storage unit.

Blood Money Edit

LE Deployment

The Cops deploy in the Mini Mall parking lot

CR Deployment

The criminals deploy in the two back houses

Money Pile Edit

The money pile is in the house next too C.

Vaults Edit

The LE Vault is in the Mini Mall loading bay.

The CR Vault is in the two back houses.

Rescue and Crosshair havent changed.