Stadium Edit

Official Quote "The teams fought over the ball and now the money." Edit

Conquest Edit

LE Deployment

The Cops deployment is at the Eastern Exit.

CR Deployment

The Criminal deployment is behind the main parking lot.

Flag Locations

A. Parking Lot

B. Stores

C. Flooded Pitch

D. Large Store

E. East Enterance

Heist Edit

LE Deployment

The cops deploy at their usual conquest deployment.

CR Deployment

The criminals deploy by the vault first and then move too their conquest spawn.


The vault is located at a store to the north of the stadium and has 3 break in points first the main front door second the store to the left and lastly the store to the right.


Escape A is located at the Parking Lot

Escape B is located on the east of the pitch

Escape C is located at the west of the pitch

Escape D is located at the south of the stadium

Escape E is located at the East Entrance

Blood Money Edit

LE Deployment is slightly lowered too the sea side

CR Deployment is also slightly lowered towards the sea side.

Money Pile

The money pile is by the northern stores.


The LE Vault is in the Large Store.

The CR Vault is in one of the stores in the Stores area.

Hotwire Edit

LE Deployment is the same as conquest

CR Deployment is the same as conquest

Vehicle Locations

A. Parking Lot: Muscle Car

B. North-western Stadium: Sports Sedan

C. Southern Stadium: Muscle Car

D. North-eastern Stadium: Fuel Tanker

E. East Entrance: Sports Sedan

Crosshairs Edit

The LE and VIP Deployment are in the North west of the stadium

The CR Deployment is by the LE Conquest deployment.


Escape A is a Delivery van by the north east of the stadium.

Escape B is a Boat by the East Entrance.

Rescue Edit

The LE Deployment is at the north outside the stadium.

The CR Deployment is by the LE Conquest deployment.


Hostage 1 is in a Donut store by the East Entrance.

Hostage 2 is in a Food store by the East Entrance.

Extraction Zone

The extraction zone is by the north stores in the stadium.

Levolution Edit

To activate the Levolution you need to weaken 2 of 3 supports and then the whole Eastern Seating area will collapse onto the pitch leaving more cover behind and a new entrance to the pitch.

Trivia Edit

Stadium was originally going to be a 3 objective map without Hotwire until the creator realised half of his maps were tiny so objective A and E were added in along with Hotwire.

The airboat was going to make an appearance in conquest until the Levolution was created.