Downtown 2.0 Edit

Official Quote "Finance isn't the only thing rolling around here."

Conquest Edit

LE Deployment

The cops deploy at a police station nearby A.

CR Deployment

The criminals deploy in an underground parking garage near E.

Flag Layout

A. Bank

B. Stores

C. Financial Tower

D. Crane

E. Plaza

Heist Edit

LE Deployment

The Cops deployment is the same as conquest.

CR Deployment

The Criminal deployment is first by the vaults then moves to the original conquest spawn.


The two vaults are security trucks which are toppled over between C and D on the street.


Escape A is on the banks supporting balcony.

Escape B is on the financial towers helipad.

Escape C is by the smaller buildings at B.

Escape D is on top of the small building between C and D.

Escape E is on the right side of the plaza.

Blood Money Edit

The CR and LE Spawn are the same as the conquest spawns.

Money Pile

The money pile is in the small building between C and D.


The LE Vault is a security truck underneath A.

The CR Vault is in a building by B.

Hotwire Edit

The LE and CR Deployments are the same as Conquest.


A. Northeast of Bank - Utility Van

B. Southwest of Bank - Muscle Car

C. Street by Crane - Utility Van

D. North of Stores - Sports Sedan

E. North of Plaza - Muscle Car

Crosshairs Edit

The LE deployment is in front of the most north-eastern building.

The CR deployment is north of the plaza.

The escape vehicles are a van at A and a delivery van at B.

Rescue Edit

The LE deployment is by the criminals conquest deployment.

The CR deployment is on the street by D.


Hostage 1 is on the second floor of the small building by C and D.

Hostage 2 is in the underground parking lot in the small building near C and D.

Levolution Edit

The Levolution is a smaller crane on the high-rise D is on which can collapse and create 2 new entry points first a pathway in the air between D and C and second a pathway between the first floor in the tower D is atop and the smaller building near it.

Trivia Edit

There is an advertisement on a tower promoting dead space 4? hints?!?!

There is actually a completely different community test environment for downtown 2.0!